New! 72” Brush Cutter/Mower with Stump Jumper Upgrade



New! 72” Brush Cutter/Mower with Stump Jumper

New/unused 72in Brush cutter, Flat face couplers, Standard flow (11-20GPM)
2 blades and Stump Jumper

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*Shipping and delivery available *Most other skid steer attachments available as well 72″ wide deck built with 7 gauge steel. Twin 1/2″ blades, 24 3/4″ long and 3″ wide. The power hydraulic motor with check value relief and allows machines without a high flow option to be compatible with 11 to 20 GPM. An Omni gear box turns the blades at around 1060 RPM’s with 20 GPM flow, for a very efficient cut. The deck is equipped with a stump jumper between the blades and the deck, to help ride over obstacles like stumps and rocks. *11-20GPM
**Optional Upgraded Blades and Bolts – $300  Blades are made of hardened steel and the bolts are 1 1/8″ thick as opposed to the original 11/16″ bolts 

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Weight 895 lbs
Dimensions 84 × 84 × 28 in