New! 72″ Industrial Hydraulic Box Broom Sweeper Attachment


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Product Overview

The Skid Steer Box Broom Sweeper Attachment is a great cleanup attachment for those who find the standard angle brooms too messy. This tidy attachment uses an 7″ hub and 22″ wafers to sweep dirt, light snow, or other debris into the collector bucket and then transport it and dispose using the manual hinging broom. It is user friendly and simple to use to efficiently transport material to a desired location.



950 lbs

Work stress
3000 psi

Overall width
85.3 in

Equipment height
29.5 in

Equipment length
57 in

Sweeping width
72 in

Brush diameter
31.5 in


Additional information

Weight 1005 lbs
Dimensions 87 × 53 × 25 in