New! 1 1/2yd Pallet Fork Dumping Hopper


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New! 1 1/2yd Pallet Fork Dumping Hopper

This Self Dumping Hopper is a big cone-shaped container designed to hold materials and trash in industrial, institutional, commercial applications. The two long pockets designed on the bottom are for forklift handling. The self dumping hopper is needed for in-plant housekeeping, material handling, material recycling, scrap collection, sorting and storing, and other rugged applications. The self-dumping hopper is performed with a locking latch that allows the hopper to lean on and let the materials out.

  • Cubic Foot Capacity: 40.5 cubic ft
  • Cubic Yard Capacity: 1.5 cubic yard


****Optional set of 4 welded on 6″ casters for easy moving $250****

Additional information

Weight 575 lbs
Dimensions 62 × 45 × 47 in