New! 10 Cu Ft Skid Steer Tilt ‘N’ Scoop Material Spreader


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New! 10 Cu Ft Skid Steer Tilt ‘N’ Scoop Material Spreader


  • Use to spread salt, feed, fertilizer, sand and any other spreading material; wide range of applications in all seasons year-round
  • Tilt-N-Scoop feature means you don’t even have to get out of your skid steer to easily load up the 10 cu-ft capacity of this material spreader
  • Steel agitator is powered by a reliable hydraulic motor that produces consistent material flow and discharge for even spreading
  • The removable sidewalk skirt can be installed to contain the spreading range to a finer width allowing you to target narrower pathways
  • Spreading range of up to 30’ will allow you to quickly fertilize larger fields, spread salt for fast ice melting or efficiently disperse feed for livestock
  • A protective grate helps to prevent clogging of materials when scooping and the flow rate is easily adjusted through a manually operated gate
  • Universal quick attach mount allows you to easily hook up to your skid steer and dismount for simple storage and transition between attachments


  • Load capacity: 10 cu-ft
  • Spreading range: Up to 30’
  • Working flow: 6.5-12 GPM
  • Working pressure: 1300-1700 PSI
  • Hydraulic motor
  • Protective grate
  • Removable sidewalk skirt
  • Flat face couplers & hydraulic hose included
  • Universal skid steer mount