New! 10cu/ft Material Spreader



Product Description
Need a salt spreader for the winter or a feed spreader for the spring? The TMG Industrial 10 cu. ft. skid steer tilt-n-scoop spreader is designed to be reliable and easy to use. It features a tilting hopper, letting you scoop material right from the cabin of your skid steer without facing the elements. Versatile and adaptable to your specific needs, it spreads sand, salt, seed, or fertilizer over 30 feet, or for reduced spread, installs the included sidewalk skirt. This TMG Industrial spreader attachment is ready to join your toolbox and perform for you whatever the job is.

  • Tilt & Scoop to fill the hopper without getting out of your skid steer
  • Hardened steel cutting edge
  • Protective grate to prevent clogging when scooping
  • Easily adjust flow rate with a manually operated gate
  • Reliable steel agitator for consistent material flow
  • Sidewalk skirt to control spread width for narrow requirements (removable)
  • PERMCO’s hydraulic motor provides ample power and spread consistency
  • Year-round applications
  • Winter: sand or salt spreading for snow and ice management
  • Spring/Summer: seeding or fertilizing for lawn care
  • Spread feed or other material for livestock
  • Flat face couplers included


  • Load capacity: 10 cu.ft.
  • Spreads up to 30’ wide
  • Included sidewalks skirt for reduced spread
  • Working flow: 6.5-12GPM
  • Working pressure: 1300-1700 PSI


  • Packed in a metal shipping crate
  • Shipping weight: 540 lb
  • Shipping dimension: 52” x 36” x 47”

Additional information

Weight 580 lbs
Dimensions 54 × 42 × 52 in