New! 10ft Pallet Fork Extensions (5″ Width)



New! 10ft Pallet Fork Extensions (5″ Width)

As the name suggests, the 10’ extension fork is designed to extend the length of the original fork in the forklift. There are many reasons for having and adding 10’ extension forks to your worksite. Using 10’ extension forks can save time for applications with numerous load sizes and shapes. The extension forks can deliver pallets to a deep shelf in the warehouse so you can have more shelf storage space in your warehouse. Also, as an extension fork, it can be stored easily and saves space, and it is a necessity for your warehouse.


  • Extension Fork Length:10’
  • Fork Width: 6 ⅓’
  • Lift capacity: 6600 lb
  • Material: Steel
  • Condition: New

Package Size

  • L*W*H (inch): 120″x7″x3″
  • Weight (lb): 283lbs