New! 3 Point 15ft Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter 1000 RPM



New! 3 Point 15ft Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter 1000 RPM

Series 1510

Tough cutting applications are no match for Taylor Pittsburgh’s 1510 15’ Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter. Try the industry’s best choice for maximum power and maneuverable cutting ability.

  • Four Gearbox Design with a Main Splitter Gearbox and Three Independent Drive Gearboxes
  • Rugged 7 Gauge Deck
  • Spring Cushioned Wheel Axles
  • Dual Center Section Wheels
  • Round Stump Jumpers
  • Constant Velocity Input PTO – Cat.6 CV 1000 Cat. 6 Wing Drivelines
  • Slip Clutches on all Drive Gearboxes
  • Replaceable Center Section and Wing Skid Shoes
  • Heavy-duty Castering Straddle Type Hitch Clevis
  • Self-leveling Tongue w/Dual Leveling Rods
  • Heavy-duty Tongue Jack with Storage Location on the Deck
  • Your Choice of Tires: 21″ Laminated Tires or Heavy Ply Used Airplane Tires
  • Includes PTO Shaft
Standard Features Wheel Options
Parking Stand
Wing Lift Cylinders
Skid Shoes
CV Driveline Cat. 6, 1000 RPM
Dual Center Section Wheels
Front & Rear Chain Guards
Used Airplane
SERIES 1510 Specifications
Gearbox Horsepower Ratings 1000 RPM Splitter: 240 HP
1000 RPM Drive: 3 x 220 HP
Blade Tip Speed 15,000 RPM
Blades ½” x 4″ High Lift
Hydraulic Cylinders Wing: 3″ x 12″ Standard
Transport: 3″ x 8″ Standard
Drivelines Input: Cat.6 CV 1000
Wing: Cat. 6 Standard
Slip Clutches: Standard
Deck Depth 10″
Side Skirt Construction ¼” Thickness
Cutting Height 1″ – 15″
Cutting Capacity Brush up to 2″
Blade Overlap 5 ½”
Wing Fold Angle 90º Up, 22º Down
Recommended Minimum Tractor HP 65 HP
Approximate Machine Weight 4815 lbs. with Chains

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21" Laminated Tires, Heavy Ply Used Airplane Tires