New! 3 Point Grain & Fertilizer Seeder


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New! 3 Point Grain & Fertilizer Seeder

Main seeds: Wheat
Other seeds: barley seeds, sorghum seeds, grass seeds, Canola and vegetable seeds.
This one is mainly used for wheat, other grain seeds can be used if they are about the same size as wheat seeds.
wheat planter is a multi-function seeder, suitable for drilling wheat, sorghum, grass etc.
crops, combine the function of leveling, furrowing, sowing, fertilizing, covering at the same time.
Overall dimension (mm) : 96x 61x 41.3
Working width (mm): 88″
Seeding depth (mm): 30-50
Matched power (hp) : 40-60
Rows number of seeds & fertilizer : 16
Basic rows spacing (mm): 130-150
Seeding efficiency (ha/h): 5.1-7.3

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Dimensions 96 × 64 × 47 in