New! 3 Point Poly Seeder/Spreader (800lb Capacity)


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New! 3 Point Poly Seeder/Spreader (800lb Capacity)

Series 233

Seeder/Spreader (Polyethylene)

Taylor Pittsburgh’s Seeder/Spreader (Polyethylene) is an ideal tool for farmers, ranchers, gardeners, and landscapers. This Seeder/Spreader can spread grass seed, granular fertilizer, crystalline herbicides, pesticides, sand and salt. You can choose from three different spreading patterns; predominately left, predominately right, or left and right. The seamless polyethylene hopper is strong enough to endure rough handling and is ideal for use with today’s highly corrosive fertilizers and herbicides. Each unit comes standard with a greaseable gearbox and shielded PTO shaft.

Material Approx. Ship Wt. Standard Features
Polyethylene 119 lbs. Fits Cat. I, 3-Point Hitch Tractors
Seamless Tough Polyethylene Hopper
3 Different Spreading Patterns
Adjustable Uniform Spreading Rates
Greaseable Gearbox with a Shielded PTO Shaft
Spreads Sand, Salt And Today’s Corrosive Fertilizers
Up to 800 lb. Capacity

Additional information

Weight 175 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 42 × 48 in