New! 3 Point Wood Chipper with Hydraulic Infeed (5″ Capacity)


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New! 3 Point Wood Chipper with Hydraulic Infeed (5″ Capacity)

Solid and compact PTO driven Wood Chipper with a hydraulic motor, pump, and tank to provide a hydraulic Infeed System for high volume reliable wood chipping! The 5 1/2” x 10” housing opening allows for commercial-like wood chipping easily up to 5″ in diameter. The chipper handles large branches, including leaves and twigs, as well as heavy-duty logs. It utilizes its hydraulic system via the 2 spiked rollers to pull the wood inside. The hydraulic pump drives the upper of the 2 opposing infeed rollers dragging the wood into the chipper. The Safety Bracket operates the hydraulic controls via its “IN-OUT-STOP” function.


• 4 reversible carbon steel knives plus 1 counter knife

• Easy rotor access by just opening the flywheel shell

• Safety stop bar (handle) w/reverse

• Quick hitch compatible (for CAT I only, check your dimensions)

• Fold-up input chute for storage

• Nylon wraps protect hydraulic hoses

• 120 lb. 26″ Diameter rotor (electronically balanced)

• Variable Infeed speed up .78 ft./min. (depending on PTO RPM)

• Heavy-Duty steel shaft bearings

*Includes PTO Shaft


The Chipper can be operated between 540 to 1,000RPM thus shredding between 9 to 16 times per second utilizing 4 cutting knives (8 1/4 ” long, hardened tool steel) against 1 counter knife. Combined with the hydraulic infeed system wood chipping is now efficient and easy.

The large opening of the infeed chute (26″ x 34″) allows for reliable and professional wood chipping without concerns. The output chute can be turned 270 degrees.

The compact style is suitable for your small to mid-sized tractors between 18 to 50 HP, utilizing your CAT I 3-Point Hitch.

The high-quality hydraulic motor (with pump and tank) powers the infeed rollers, avoiding wood jams by switching direction and speed.



Infeed Opening 5” x 10”
Max. Trough Put Capacity 5+ in.
Variable infeed speed 0-78 ft./min.
Flywheel Speed 540-1,000RPM
Rotor (Flywheel) Diameter 26 in.
Rotor (Flywheel) Weight 120 lb.
PTO, 3-Point Hitch CAT I & II
Number of Knives 4 + 1
Infeed Chute Opening 26″ x 34″
Hydraulic Pump & Tank 3 – 6 GPM
Hydraulic Infeed System Yes
Safety Stop Bar With Reverse
Variable Speed Control Yes
Nylon Wrap Protected Hoses Yes
Discharge Chute Rotation 270 Degrees
Flywheel Housing Material 6 mm
PTO Shaft included protected with Shear Bolt
Paint Powder Coat
Colors (body/Chute) Green/Yellow
Crate Dimensions 45”x36”x48”
Shipping Weight 720 lb.

Additional information

Weight 745 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 42 × 50 in