New! 32″ Excavator Brush Flail Mower (10-16GPM) – TMG



New! 32″ Excavator Brush Flail Mower (10-16GPM) – TMG


  • For use with 3-5 ton mini excavators on your farm, acreage, remote property or job site
  • Clear walkways or create firebreaks in any area to make it more functional, aesthetically pleasing, welcoming and protected
  • Lightweight, compact design makes the mower easy to maneuver even in tight spaces or high, hard to reach areas
  • Mow around bodies of water like ponds, creeks and rivers or use to maintain ditches and sloped/hilly areas that couldn’t be done with a regular rotary mower
  • Valuable addition to any personal or contractors inventory for use on any type of landscaping job or property maintenance need
  • 32” width is efficient for mowing grass and clearing large thickets, overgrown branches or other congested areas of vegetation
  • 4” diameter cutting capacity can gnaw through tree limbs, underbrush and any type of small to medium growth
  • The flail knives produce a consistent sized debris that is easy to clean up and small enough that it can be left to degrade and enrich the natural surrounding areas
  • Hydraulic motor with oil-in, oil-out design and drain port for reliable use and long lasting build quality you can depend on
  • Self-leveling kit with large adjustable skid shoes create a sturdy, equal footing for simple hook up and release; even, consistent cutting whether on flat or angled ground
  • Belt drive transmission for efficient energy transfer that will keep you cutting from sunrise to sunset
  • High-performance cutter drum that can transmit up to 2900 PSI effectively into the mower allowing you to chew up dense bush and vegetation of all kinds
  • Pin grabber lugging mount which can be easily mounted/dismounted on several excavator models
  • Replacement teeth available
  • IMPORTANT: A case drain line (3rd hose line–3/8”) is required to be added prior to use of this attachment. The case drain line will relieve the excess pressure and drain it back to your return line, then into the reservoir. Without a case drain line installed properly, that extra pressure will blow a seal or damage your hydraulic line.


  • Compatible with 3 to 5 ton mini excavators
  • Cutting capacity: 4”
  • Hydraulic flow: 10-16 GPM
  • Auxiliary pressure: 2900 PSI
  • Number of knives: 14
  • Cutting width: 32”
  • Motor protection plate
  • Belt & bearing covers
  • Fully assembled and ready to use
  • Case drain line required

Shipping Info

  • Shipping dimension: 41″ x 34″ x 23″
  • Shipping weight: 680 lbs

Additional information

Weight 710 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 42 × 28 in