New! 32″ Excavator Brush Flail Mower (10-16GPM)



The TMG Industrial 32” excavator brush flail mower features a self-levelling kit, adjustable skid shoes, and a reliable belt-drive transmission. Designed for maximum efficiency, this flail mower sits level thanks to the large skid shoes, making it easy to connect. The self-levelling kits make mowing grass and bushes on slopes, riverbanks, hilly areas, and ditches a breeze. Fourteen long-lasting flail knives mean reliable cutting action for the full 32” width of this brush mower.

The mower is designed to have a case drain line (3/8” hose line) added to relieve the excess pressure built up in the pump. You will have to add the line to the reservoir of your excavator.

3 to 5-ton Carrier

Additional information

Weight 710 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 42 × 28 in