New! 48″ 3PT Post Hole Digger



New! 48″ 3PT Post Hole Digger


  • Versatile tractor attachment with several applications including digging holes for planting trees, putting in sign poles and installing fence posts
  • Capable of drilling holes up to 48” deep with a 12” drill diameter using an aggressive cast steel, split-tip auger that easily cuts into any type of terrain
  • Replaceable heat-treated cutting edges are strong, durable and built to last so you can use this auger season after season for many years to come
  • Three position boom allows you to adjust the auger according to your terrain and modify the angle depending on what type of job your doing
  • Continuous spiral cutting bit designed to avoid clogging and also effectively remove excavated dirt, rocks and debris after removing from the hole
  • Handy attachment to keep in your barn or garage to use instead of renting similar equipment, hiring out or performing similar work manually
  • 3-point shear pin shaft fits Category 1 & 2 hookups and is compatible with 35-65 HP tractors; included telescopic PTO driveline shaft
  • Hydraulic cylinder assist to drive the auger into harder ground; oversized 3-point hitch A-frame with additional reinforcement


  • Auger diameter: 12”
  • Max. auger depth: 48”
  • Output bore: 2”
  • Tractor horsepower: 35-65 HP
  • PTO speed: 540 RPM
  • Type of drive: Direct drive
  • Category 1 & 2 hookup
  • PTO driveline shaft included

Additional information

Weight 605 lbs
Dimensions 71 × 42 × 33 in