New! 48″ Direct Drive Swing Arm Mower


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New! 48″ Direct Drive Swing Arm Mower


The Skid Steer Angle Brush Cutter is a perfect attachment for your skid steer to clear the banks, fence lines, and brushes. It also is perfect for clearing pond banks and cutting trails. With the working angle of 90 degrees to the left/right and 125 degrees up/down, this angle brush cutter will help you clear any unwanted tree limbs, brushes easily on any sides. It is equipped with 2 blades which helps you save a lot of time doing your job.


Overall dimensions (L*W*H)  84”x60”x24” 
Weight 850 lbs. 
Cutting diameter 44″
Cutting speed 360 rpm
Working angle left/right 90 degrees
Working angle up/down 125 degrees
Operation Pressure 16 Mpa
Operation Flow 50 L/min (liter per minute)


  • Compatible with skid steers
  • Ideal for clearing pond banks, fence lines, and cutting trails
  • Safe, effective at reasonable price

Wiring Harness Options:

-Universal wire harness $400

-14 pin (JD, Kubota, New Holland, etc.) +$ 500 wiring harness

-7 pin (Bobcat) +$695

Additional information

Weight 950 lbs
Dimensions 97 × 55 × 55 in