New! 72″ Flat Bottom Grapple – TMG



New! 72″ Flat Bottom Grapple – TMG

The TMG Industrial 72” skid steer solid bottom scoop-n-grab grapple bucket is a must-have attachment in the yard all year long for moving all sorts of materials and debris. Two independent grapple arms operated with 3000 psi hydraulic cylinders can open and close between 17’’ to 35’’ to accommodate grappling and holding uneven or odd-shaped loads up to 3000 lbs. Designed to fit the most common skid steers, this bucket is perfect for moving dirt, rocks, logs, demolished buildings, and much more. Metal covers protect the hydraulic cylinders to ensure debris doesn’t damage them while operating. This attachment also can be modified to fit a variety of front-load tractors.


  • Heavy-duty tool moves difficult to handle material, such as scrap and waste, quickly and easily
  • 4’’ 4-gauge primary structural square tubing frame
  • Two heavy-duty 3000 psi capacity hydraulic cylinders
  • Greaseable pin and pivot joints
  • Cylinder protection cover
  • Solid steel plate for the bucket bottom
  • ¾’’ hardened wear-resistant cut edge
  • Universal skid steer quick mount

More Product Details

  • Overall size: 72” (L) x 43” (W) x 31” (H)
  • Bucket volume: 0.6 cubic yard
  • Grapple opening: 17”-35”
  • Grapple capacity: 3000 lb
  • Bottom steel plate: 1/3’’
  • Grapple arm side edge: ½’’
  • Grapple arm plate: ¼’’
  • Cut edge: ¾’’
  • Bucket inner depth: 40″
  • Skid steer loader recommended: 30 to 70 HP

Shipping Information

  • Packed in one metal shipping crate
  • Shipping dimension: 80″ x 50″ x 40″
  • Shipping weight: 780 lb

Additional information

Weight 825 lbs