New! 63″ Skid Steer Forestry Drum Mulcher (30-52GPM)

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New! 63″ Skid Steer Forestry Drum Mulcher (30-52GPM)

-Triple helix claw teeth layout for hardwood, stumps, and branches. Hydraulic hoses and ½” flat-faced couplers.

-Heat-treated, bolt-on forged alloy teeth. Rear chain safeguard. Manually adjustable push bar.

-Hydraulic axial piston motor and synchronous belt drive system.

-Pressure gage, radiator, and independent cooling system.

-Oil bathtub lubrication bearing system. Sealed transmission chamber to protect belts, pulleys, and key components.

-An independent cooling system with a radiator, forty tough alloy mulching teeth, an axial piston motor, and a synchronous belt driving this heavy-duty drum mulcher get even the toughest jobs done with ease.

-Triple helix teeth layout maximizes cutting efficiency and the sealed transmission chamber ensures nothing slows down mulching.

-The forward spinning motion makes quick work of trees and brushes.


Product Height: 66″ (w/push bar), 43″ (w/o push bar)

Minimum Loader Power Required: 75HP

Cut Capacity: 8″ Diameter

Rotor Diameter: 12” (w/o teeth), 24”(w/teeth)

Flow: 30-52 GPM

Maximum Pressure: 3045 Psi

Cut Depth: 4.0″

Mulching Teeth: 39

Rotary Tillage Ground Depth: 3.93”

Working Width: 63”

Dimension: 86.7″ x 47.2″ x51.2″

Shipping weight: 2292.8 lbs


Additional information

Weight 2400 lbs
Dimensions 90 × 48 × 56 in