New! 84″ V-Snow Plow/Blade


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New! 84″ V-Snow Plow/Blade

Product Overview: The Skid Steer V Snow Plow Blades will increase the productivity of your day. Whether you’re plowing through snow, or moving earth (such as dirt, gravel or sand) our V-Blade design will make your job at hand less time-consuming. The V-Blade allows you to have the same angles as our other dozer blades and more. V-Blades come with trip springs, skid shoes, replaceable cutting edges, and a lock-out pin for dirt and gravel work.


Width 84 in

Weight 888 lbs

Height 35 in

Trip Springs 4

Skid Shoes 2

Blade Positions 6

Blade Angle (degree) ±30°

Left and right Blade Cut Width When Angle 74 in

Wiring Harness Options:

-Universal wire harness INCLUDED

-14 pin (JD, Kubota, New Holland, etc.) +$ 500 wiring harness

-7 pin (Bobcat) +$650

Additional information

Weight 940 lbs
Dimensions 84 × 48 × 40 in