New! 9.5hp Reversible Plate Compactor (PC160K)


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Product Description
The TMG Industrial TMG-PC160K reversible plate compactor is designed to compact granular soils, crushed aggregate, sand, asphalt, paving stones, bricks, and other materials. With a plate size of 28” x 19,” it is easy to maneuver around footings, forms, building construction, gas and sewer works, and drainage ditches. Designed for durability, this reversible compactor features a rugged base plate made from high strength steel and heavy-duty shock mounts to reduce strain on both the machine and operator. Capable of forward, reverse, and on-spot compaction, this compactor will make light to medium-sized jobs a breeze.


  • High compression 9.5HP Kohler CH395 EPA and CARB Engine
  • Cable control for forward and reverse
  • Protection frame guard and Self-adjusting centrifugal clutch
  • Low vibration operating bar
  • Rapid forward and reverse plate travel speeds, up to 65 ft. per minute
  • Compaction of cohesive and granular soils and clays up to 19”
  • 28” x 18” plate works around narrow trenches and corners
  • Heavy-duty shock mounts to withstand harsh operating environments while reducing vibration to the operator and helping to extend component life
  • Rugged base plate manufactured from high strength steel for top performance


  • Compaction Force: 30.5 KN
  • Compaction Depth: 19 in
  • Travel speed: 10 in
  • Frequency: 4000 vpm
  • Plate Size: 28 x 19 in


  • Dimension: 28” x 17” x 39”
  • Shipping weight: 295 lbs

Additional information

Weight 335 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 42 × 45 in