New! 96″ Heavy Duty Grader Blade



New! 96″ Heavy Duty Grader Blade

8’ Hydraulic Grader Blade Skid Steer Attachment

Blade Height, Angle & Tilt Could Be Adjusted By A Hydraulic Valve

Overall Size: 95″ L X 96″ W X 38″ H

Moldboard Width: 94.8″

Hydraulic Blade Adjustments: Tilt/Angle/Height

Moldboard Rotation Left & Right: 25 Degrees

Reversible Moldboard Cutting Edge: Double Bevel

Approximate Weight: 820lbs

Wiring Harness Options:

-Universal wire harness +$400

-14 pin (JD, Kubota, New Holland, etc.) +$500

-7 pin (Bobcat) +$1,395

**The standard bobcat 7-pin does not allow for 6-function control, a 14-pin to 7-pin converter will be required for direct control from a bobcat. (14 pin and 7 pin required)**

Additional information

Weight 865 lbs
Dimensions 96 × 78 × 52 in