New! Auger Bucket w/ Guide Chute



Product Overview

The Skid Steer Auger Bucket discharge and Mixing style unit is designed to auger for concrete, sand, washed gravel (3/4″ max.), agricultural grains, and wildlife feed. Includes multi-linked chutes (24″ & 36″ long – Total 60″). Reach hard to maneuver fence lines with Auger Bucket. Quick-tach mounts on the front and back of the Auger Bucket allows you to hook up to a skid-steer for right and left hand discharge.


517 lbs

Overall Height
26.6 in

Overall Width
25 in

Overall Length
74.8 in

Overall Bucket Length
68 in

Hydraulic Requirements
12 gpm 3000 psi

Auger Length
53.7 in

Auger Diameter without Rubber
4.7 in

Auger Diameter with Rubber
6.7 in

Auger Flighting Spacing
36 in and  24 in

Additional information

Weight 565 lbs
Dimensions 78 × 42 × 30 in