New! CID – Bale Squeezer (Single or Dual Cylinder)



Easily grab and transport round bales with our Heavy Duty Skid Steer Hay Bale Squeezer. You can pick up wrapped or unwrapped hay bales sitting flat or on their side. The tubular design allows wrapped bales to be transported without tearing or puncturing the plastic, which is very critical in not ruining the hay or straw from water damage.

The single cylinder design allows this attachment to be very economical and is a great alternative to the hay spear. This hay bale squeeze is just right for the small farmers who need to stack hay bales in small barns and rely on feeding small herds of live stock. The CID Heavy Duty Skid Steer Bale Squeezer accommodates 48″ to 72″ round bales, wrapped or unwrapped. It is recommended for 65 hp and under.

Heavy Duty Specifications:

  • Pick up bales sitting flat or on their side.
  • Single cylinder.
  • Very economical.
  • Strong round tube design.
  • Use on skid steers or tractors.
  • Universal quick attach or tractor hook ups.

Our X-Treme Skid Steer Hay Bale Squeezer Attachment is great for anyone moving and stacking large quantities of hay on the farm or ranch. The X-treme hay bale squeezer supports twin cylinders where as the heavy duty hay bale squeezer supports only one cylinder. With the design of this hay bale squeezer, you can pick up wrapped hay bales without tearing or puncturing the plastic.

The two cylinders gives the bale squeezer a stronger holding capacity and is able to stack two bales of hay at a time. The CID skid steer hay bale squeezer is also known as a “bale grabber” or “bale hugger” in the skid steer attachment and related industries. If you need to move or stack a lot of hay bales. The CID X-treme skid steer hay bale squeezer attachment is the one you will want to own.

X-treme Duty Specifications:

  • Twin 2.5 x 8 Cylinders.
  • 2,800 .lbs Lifting Capacity.
  • Will Lift 4’, 5’, And 6’ Hay Bales

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Bale Squeezer Duty

Heavy Duty (Single Cylinder), X-treme Duty (Dual Cylinder)