New! Extra Heavy Duty Flail Mower (94″, 102″, 114″)


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New! Extra Heavy Duty Flail Mower (94″, 102″, 114″)


Experience superior cutting and shredding performance with the Extra Heavy Duty series Flail Mowers. These mowers are designed to work efficiently on gently sloping or slightly contoured grounds, roadsides, ditches, pastures, vineyards, orchards, nurseries, and smaller fields of row crop stalks and residual agricultural growth.

Performance features:

  • Professional Heavy-Duty Gearbox rated at 75HP.
  • The large Mower body is double skinned for greater stability.
  • The electronically balanced flail shaft has an extra-large diameter (7 5/8″ ) for better performance.
  • Forged Steel Heavy-Duty Flails weighing 1,200 grams, cutting up to 1.5″ in diameter.
  • Replaceable Counter knives for better mulching and fast decomposition.

Safety features:

  • The large Mower Body is double skinned (4 mm & 6 mm twice).
  • The professional gearbox lets the knives shaft turn, once the PTO shaft is turned off without transferring its movement to the tractor (avoiding vibration).
  • The mower’s front is equipped with a guard preventing debris and stones from being thrown out of the machine.
  • The heavy rear roller (7 1/2″ Diameter) provides for smooth performance even in rough terrain.
  • The Belt Tension can be accessed and changed externally.


  •  The FMHDX mower has a hydraulically operated rear gate allowing easy cleaning and flail exchange.
  • Easily accessible grease nipples allow for frequent service.
  • Please make sure you regularly check the Gearbox for sufficient oil level. The short and easy service plan in the user manual helps with maintenance and service.
Working Width 94 inches 102 inches 114 inches
Hydraulic Side Shift 18 inches 18 inches 18 inches
Tractor Power 80-120 HP. 80-120 HP 110-150 HP
Gearbox rated at 75 HP 75 HP 75 HP
3-Point Hitch CAT II CAT II CAT II
PTO shaft length 47” 47” 47”
PTO Type Safety Shear Pin Safety Shear Pin Safety Shear Pin
PTO Shaft Speed 540RPM 540RPM 540RPM
Drive System 5 Belts 5 Belts 5 Belts
Flail Shaft Speed 2,250 RPM 2,250 RPM 2,250 RPM
Flail Shaft Diam. 7 5/8 inches 7 5/8 inches 7 5/8 inches
Flails forged/galv. 1,200 grams 1,200 grams 1,200 grams
Number of Flails 20 22 24
Housing Material 4 + 4 mm 4 + 4 mm 4 + 4 mm
Side Walls 6 + 4 mm 6 + 4 mm 6 + 4 mm
Paint (green/yel.) Powder Coated Powder Coated Powder Coated
Total Weight 1,962 lb. 2,050 lb. 2,175 lb.
Dimensions 103x41x59 in. 112x41x59 in. 123x41x59 in.


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94", 102", 114"