New! Galvanized Double Truss Fabric Storage Building (30’x60’x22′)

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New! Galvanized Double Truss Fabric Storage Building (30’x60’x22′)

Double Truss 450g (16oz) PVC provides protection and storage shelter for your automobile, tools, equipment, agricultural materials, farm purposes, or industrial machinery. This shelter is built to withstand the toughest weathers of North America such as snow, storms, scorching sun, wind, and rain. The fabric cover is designed to protect everything from outside conditions while providing enough light during the day.

The peak shelter helps snow to slide off faster. The PVC fabric is stronger than PE and is more resistant to weather effects. Plus, PVC has a longer lifespan.


1. Heavy-duty hot galvanized trussed frame

2. High strength, easy installation, large capacity, excellent stablility

3. PVC fabric, waterproof, fireproof, rust-proof, UV-resistant

4. Widely used in industrial and agricultural and dock production

5. The arch pipes and vertical legs improve the efficiency of the inside space

6. effectively reduced the damage caused by a strong wind and heavy snow

7. Two mechanical doors with hand winch

8. Two vents on both ends

9. Two man doors



1. Model: W30’xL60’xH22′

2. Fabric: 21oz PVC

3. Structure: Double Truss

4. Door Size: W13’xH15′

5. Vent Size: 1.3’x1.3′

6. Tube Thickness: Arch- 2.4″ Purling- 1.9″

7. Arch Distance: 10ft

8. Shoulder Height: 12ft



*Comes packaged in 2 separate crates- Box A and Box B

*Box A: 110x43x29in 1721lbs *Box B: 124x43x49in 2802lbs

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Weight 4523 lbs
Dimensions 124 × 43 × 58 in