New! Hydraulic Screening Bucket


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New! Hydraulic Screening Bucket

The skid steer screening bucket is ideal for commercial and residential landscaping, farms, industrial uses, beaches and many other applications.It will screen dirt,gravel,sand,demolition debris, large rocks and many other materials. Useful for digging, loading, and carrying materials after unwanted fines have been removed. The simple rugged design results in minimum downtime for service and maintenance.

Weight 1100 lbs
Overall Height 31.5 in
Overall width 72 in
Overall Length 48.8 in
Bucket Feed Width 72 in
Screen Mesh Size 4/5 x 4/5 in (optional)
Bucket Capacity 7/8 cy

Additional information

Weight 1150 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 49 × 32 in