New! TMG 42″ Heavy Duty Tree Spade



New! TMG 42″ Heavy Duty Tree Spade


  • Excellent addition to the inventory of any nursery or landscaping business for the removal and/or transport of stumps, trees and shrubs
  • 42” blade length can easily slice through tough grounds and reaches to cradle the undergrowth of trees so they can become established in a new area
  • Heavily gusseted blade frame has been reinforced for maximum strength and durability while digging into established root systems
  • Save time, money and labor on your orchard or vineyard by eliminating exhausting work with the convenience of this tree scoop
  • Chain slot tie-downs have been engineered into the top of the scoop you can easily secure loads during transport, mitigating the risk of damage to live trees
  • This is a multi-use attachment that can also be used for the excavation, removal and transport of embedded stones around your property
  • Universal quick attach mount is compatible with most skid steer models and minimizes downtime between tasks that require separate attachments


  • Compatible with 30 to 70 HP skid steers
  • Scoop weight capacity: 1500 lb
  • Blade length: 42”
  • Mouth opening: 30”
  • Blade steel thickness: 8 GA
  • Cut edge: NM400 high abrasive
  • Chain slot tie-downs
  • Universal quick attach skid steer mount
  • Heavily gusseted, reinforced blade frame
  • High Abrasive Cut Edge

Additional information

Dimensions 48 × 44 × 25 in