New! 3 Point 96″ Box Blade


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New! 3 Point 96″ Box Blade

This 3 Point 96″ Box Blade is truly a triple threat, able to dig up and level land while acting like a bulldozer. Use this equipment for various tasks, including gardening, construction, agriculture, and landscaping. It will help you tear up dirt, finish grading, and backfill your land. This box blade comes with cutting edges and four scarifier teeth. Use the scarifier teeth to dig up the ground. Then, let the cutting edges level it out. Use the back of the cutting edge and roll-formed moldboard if you need extra pushing power. After that, turn around your box blade and drag your cutting edge and scarifier teeth over the same area to finish the job. The cutting edges are reversible and curved. They are made from heavy-duty hardened steel. You can use the front cutting edge for general use and the back for backfilling. This box blade has a 4″ x 4″ square tubing shank support and is compatible with a pin-style 3-point hitch tractors.


– Compatible 3 Point Hitches
– Pin-style 3 Point hitch
– Quick Hitch Compatible
– 4″ x 4″ square tubing shank support
– Four adjustable and replaceable scarifier ripper teeth
– Reversible and replaceable, curved cutting edges
– Quickly move dirt, backfill holes, spread soil, level, and grade land

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Weight 725 lbs
Dimensions 97 × 48 × 41 in