New! 96″ 3 Point Box Scraper with Shanks


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New! 96″ 3 Point Box Scraper with Shanks

Product Overview

The 96″, 3 Point Box Scraper is the perfect tool for landscaping and construction. Use the it anytime gravel roads, parking lots, and driveways need maintenance. Perfect for clearing high patches and filling in the low spots. The 3 Point attachment is designed to connect to both Category 1 and 2, 3 Point hookups.


– Fits tractors equipped with a Category 1 or Category 2, 3 Point hitch
– Heavy-duty doubled edged blades are replaceable and protect the steel blade underneath
– Fixed pitch design allows you to cut through tough material
– Dual blades for faster grading and leveling
– Adjustable and reversible scarifier teeth


Additional information

Weight 1001 lbs
Dimensions 106 × 59 × 42 in