New! 3 Point Wood Chipper with Hydraulic Infeed (10″ Capacity)


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New! 3 Point Wood Chipper with Hydraulic Infeed (10″ Capacity)

Product Overview:

Our 3 Point Wood Chipper with Hydraulic Infeed is a PTO shaft-driven Wood Chipper for high volume and quick processing of wood up to 10 inches in diameter. The machine requires a mid-sized to a large tractor with 50-120HP and connects to your CAT II 3-Point Hitch.


  • Two counter knives: The Chipper utilizes two counter knives for more even-sized chips.
  • Tractor-independent hydraulics system: This Wood Chipper has its own hydraulic pump and oil tank.
  • Continues adjustable roller speed: In-Feed Roller speed is adjustable for easy use of the chipper performance depending on size and the kind of wood. Smaller diameters can be pulled in and processed faster than larger or harder wood diameters. The control valve controls the speed.
  • Heavy duty flywheel: It has 4 x 12 1/2 ” long reversible knives of hardened tool steel mounted on a 1 1/4″ thick and 385 lb. heavy rotor. The wood of up to 10″ in diameter can be chipped into pieces of 1/2 to 2″ in size. Winglets on the rotor produce the airflow needed to guide the material through the chipper. Inside the rotor housing, replaceable branch breakers are mounted to shred smaller branches efficiently.
  • Output chute: height is 7 1/2 ft. and can be turned by 260° and is able to throw the wood chips into your trailer or a container to a distance of up to 36′. Victory’s WC-10H has a capacity of up to 20 cubic yards (15m3/h) of wood chips per hour.
  • Easy maintenance: For transportation, the input chute can be folded up and secured by hand. By removing only one bolt, you access the rotor and knives of the wood chipper, making maintenance jobs a matter of minutes. The heavy 385 lb. rotor disc creates a strong air flow with its winglets. Clogging material inside the chipper is virtually impossible. Since the hydraulic rollers can turn backward instantly, blocked material in the input chute can be pulled out of the chipper easily.
  • In-Feed Chute: Is 42″ wide and can be operated with the safety bar from either side of the machine.


Dimensions working condition (LxWxH) 92 x 61 x 88 inches
Height 7 1/2 ft.
Dimensions transport condition (LxWxH) 78x54x94 inch
Net weight 1465 lb.
3-point hitch Cat II
PTO shaft RPM 540 ~ 1000 RPM
Best performance. PTO shaft RPM 1000 RPM
length of PTO shaft 39 inch
PTO shaft safety shear bolt
Drive system direct drive
Length of hydraulic pipes exceeds 3 point upper hitch side 43 inch
Tractor engine power recommended 50 -120hp
Power needed for max. performance 70 – 90hp
Oil tank volume 3 gal
Oil pump flow speed 1 3/4 gal/min when tractor PTO at 540RPM
3 1/4 gal/min when tractor PTO at 1000RPM
Oil pump working pressure 20 Mpa
Oil pump max pressure 25 Mpa
Rotor diameter 37″
Rotor width 1 1/4 “
Rotor weight 385 lb.
Number of knives 4 + 2
Rotor knife 12.5 x 4 x 0.7 inch, reversible

Additional information

Weight 1520 lbs
Dimensions 64 × 48 × 56 in