New! 60″ Forestry Disc Mulcher (20-69 GPM)



New! 60″ Forestry Disc Mulcher (20-69 GPM)

Built to withstand the toughest conditions with many type of land reclamation, this powerful machine regains disc speed quickly, offering maximum productivity and efficiency.

This disc size is not only extremely effective at the Cut and Feed Technique but it also mulches less grass and natural vegetation around the trees you are clearing, making it ideal for reclaiming your pasture land for grazing.

About the Disc: The machined steel disc has quad teeth on the top, sides, and bottom, it can maximize their productivity and reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

In addition, you will benefit from low operating costs by consuming less fuel compared to other larger attachments.

*Replacement teeth (1-9/16″)

$35 per tooth


Cutting Width 59.84″
Stubble Height 1.57″
Blades (PCS) 50
WorkingPressure(MPa) 35
Flow(GPM 20-69
Sliding Interface Size 44.88″ × 15.78″

Dimensions: 80″x78″x35″


Additional information

Weight 1850 lbs
Dimensions 80 × 78 × 45 in