New! 72″ Quick Attach Vibratory Roller



New! 72″ Quick Attach Vibratory Roller

This Skid Steer Vibratory Roller is designed to attach to skid steer to compact concrete, soil, gravel, or asphalt in the roads or foundations of landscaping, roadways, walkways, golf courses, and parking lots. This part sometimes is called roller-compactor, or road roller. This vibratory roller is taking advantage of its own heavyweight of skid steer plus the attachment to compress the surface.

This product is oil lubrication, it needs to check the oil level. Through circular oil leveler to check oil quantity (two oil levelers on the same level and perpendicular to the horizontal plane, oil should be at 70% of oil leveler), if oil quantity is not enough, filling through oil filler, but not higher than oil leveler.


Drum Width 72″
Drum Diameter 24″
Vibration Force 8554
Vibration Frequency 2600
Host Supply Flow GPM 14

Additional information

Weight 2600 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 42 × 40 in