New! CID Heavy Duty Hay Accumulator Grapple

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The CID Hay Accumulator Grapple is one of our new products for 2016 and is a great addition to your attachment collection. It has a unique design. It allows one man in a skid steer to gather eight to ten square bales of hay. Then use the grapple to lift, load and off load to a trailer. You can also use the hay accumulator to stack hay up in the fields for later pick up. It can also be used to stack hay in big barns or buildings.

With the hay accumulator grapple there is no need for multiple pieces of equipment or additional manual labor. This is all operated from inside the skid steer using the Accumulator Grapple. This hay attachment is not only an easier way of gathering up hay. But can save you a lot of time and money. This will always be one of our top priorities is to save you the customer time and money.


  • 2 X 6 Cylinder.
  • 9 Inch hooks.
  • Radial bearings.
  • Able to carry 8 to 10 square bale of hay.
  • Adjustable width sides

*Additional accumulator mounts +$325*

Additional information

Weight 1225 lbs
Dimensions 95 × 90 × 36 in