New! Heavy Duty Cat 1 or 2 Quick Hitch with 2″ Receiver



New! Heavy Duty Cat 1 or 2 Quick Hitch with 2″ Receiver


With its adjustable hole design, the top hook of the quick hitch can be positioned at five different levels, ensuring  compatibility with different equipment without the need for drilling or modifications.

Installing the 3 Point Quick Hitch is a breeze – simply insert it into the tractor’s three-point hitch system and secure it by adjusting the handle or lever. Its quick connect and disconnect function makes equipment swapping a quick and hassle-free process, saving valuable operating time.

Made of heavy-duty steel, the Quick Hitch is designed to withstand up to 3000 pounds of towing force, providing durability and reliability.  3-point Quick Hitches are also coated with a professional powder coating to prevent rust  and corrosion,   ensuring long- lasting performance.

The wide application of the 3-point quick hitch allows it to be used with a variety of agricultural equipment, including plows, seeders, mowers, harvesters, and more. This 3-point quick hitch is a versatile tool that offers flexibility and convenience in adapting to different agricultural needs.


– Overall Width: 31-in.

– Overall Height: 24-in.

– Both steel plates sides of the top hook thickness: 0.16″

– Finish: Powder-Coated

– Color: Orange, Black or Green

– Lifting Capacity: About 3,000 lbs.

– Item Gross Weight:  62lb.

Additional information

Weight 62 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 24 in