New! Hydraulic Skid Steer Post Pounder



New! Hydraulic Skid Steer Post Pounder

The skid steer post driver allows you to easily drive posts into the ground. The 300 lb. hammer has a 40” stroke and cycles up to 35 times per minute. Powerful enough to drive anything from t-posts to rail-road ties, you can make post-driving a one man job by adding this attachment to your skid steer. This skid steer post driver makes previously back-breaking work efficient and easy. If you are landscapers, highway scrapers, fencing companies, or municipalities, you will definitely love this attachment.


  • Makes driving posts easy
  • Safely vibrates the posts into the ground
  • Drives wood or steel posts
  • Ease of operation is ideal for rental applications
  • Heavy Duty Mounting Plate 3/4” thickness
  • Standard Plumb Bob Chain and Depth Gauge for precise post installation
  • Standard Post Puller Chain for removal of unwanted posts


  • L*W*H (inch): 49x38x51
  • Weight (lb): 1069

***Nitrogen tank included but not filled. These do not come pre-charged however, upon purchased we will charge item with Nitrogen before shipping or pickup at no additional charge.

Optional Filled  Nitrogen Cylinders are available for $175

Additional information

Weight 1125 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 42 × 55 in