New! Skid Steer Hay Accumulator Grapple (Hydraulic) 8-10 Bales



New! Skid Steer Hay Accumulator Grapple (Hydraulic) 8-10 Bales

Condition New

  1.  Rotation angle of shaft: 77º
  2.  Number of grappling hooks:24
  3.  Grab ability:8-10 bales of hay
  4.  Standard hay bale size: Best Size 14″x18″x39″
  5.  Standard hay bale weight:18.1kg

Product Description
Our Skid Steer Hay Accumulator Grapple allows one man in a skid steer loader to gather eight to ten square bales of hay with ease. The grapple allows the operator to lift, load and off-load bales to a trailer. The hay accumulator can also be used to stack hay up in the fields for later pick up, or to stack inside buildings. Our hay accumulator grapple Attachment is powder coated and all hoses come with protective sleeves to give the attachment the best protection.

Connection mode:bob-tach

Product Information

Technical Details
Overall Length 96in
Overall width 88in
Overall height 25in
Weight 850lbs
Rotation angle of shaft 77º
Number of grappling hooks 24
Grab ability 8-10 bales of hay
Standard hay bale size
Best 14″x18″x39″
Standard hay bale weight 18.1kg

Additional information

Weight 1020 lbs
Dimensions 97 × 92 × 36 in