New! TMG 65″ 3PT Hitch Rotary Tiller



New! TMG 65″ 3PT Hitch Rotary Tiller


  • Ideal for 30-50 HP tractors for the reworking and preparation of your acreage, garden, nursery or small hobby farmland
  • Designed to prepare soil for seeding applications like vegetable patches or flower beds; breaks through hard grounds and turns up nutrient rich soil
  • Forward-rotating tines dig hard into the ground and create well-aerated soil for gardens, seedbeds and overall land health and maintenance
  • Low, forceful 214 RPM rotor speed ensures a thorough job is done after just one pass making for a steady, efficient workflow
  • Adjustable rear drag board with zinc plated springs and adjustable skid shoes for accurate depth control and a level finish
  • Direct drive central and side gearboxes provide reliable power transmission and easy maintenance
  • Included PTO shaft for Category 1 & 2 hookups make this tiller compatible with most tractor makes and models


  • Compatible with 30-50 HP tractors
  • Working width: 65”
  • Tilling depth: 6”
  • Flanges: 8
  • Tines per flange: 6
  • Total tine blades: 48
  • Rotor shaft: 214 RPM at 540 RPM PTO
  • Rotor swing diameter: 18”
  • Driveline shaft length: 31-1/2” – 43” (telescopic)
  • Adjustable skid shoes
  • Adjustable formed rear deflector
  • Included PTO driveline shaft, Category 1 & 2 hookups
  • Powder coated finish

Additional information

Weight 650 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 42 × 39 in